Tenants Left A Right Old Mess

I enjoy being a landlord. Ok, I enjoy the rent it brings in and the thought that the properties I own are appreciating in value over time.

But tenants are not always the easiest people in the world to deal with. Sometimes, whatever precautions you put in place, you’re going to get a wrong’un and that’s exactly what I’ve just had to face in a flat I own.

I went round there after they had vacated the place and what I found was somewhat annoying. The flat is a tip; quite literally somewhere they have just dumped a load of their unwanted crap in the hope that someone else deals with it.

What I can’t understand is why they thought that they’d get away with this. I mean, they had paid a 6 week deposit when first moving in to the flat so I just went and sorted out end of tenancy cleaning London of which has a load of companies to choose from.

But alas for them, I didn’t bother to compare prices and get the best deal. Oh no, because I wasn’t the one footing the bill, I just chose the first company I came across and they are unlikely to be the cheapest by any means.

So, at the end of the day, the old tenants are going to end up forking out more than if they had arranged a cleaner themselves. They could have done some of it themselves and just got the cleaner in to do the worst areas but instead they are having to pay through the nose just because they were too lazy.

Maybe it was time. If they really valued their time then the prospect of finding the cheapest cleaning services and then being there while they came round might have been too much for them and they’d instead like me to do all of that. I suppose with the rent they were paying (this is London after all), they could afford to pay slightly over the odds for the privilege of leaving my flat in a tip.

To me, it’s just an annoyance more than anything. It means I can’t start doing viewings straight away and this could lead to a slight loss of rental income but one way or another it’s going to get sorted.

But please, if you are ever a tenant, make the effort to clean the property when you move out. It’ll end up better for everyone.

Rant over.